Monthly Archives: January 2011

Losing my job may have been the best thing that ever happened in my career. 0

Jody Brown is one creative guy. Imagine my surprise when I learned he lives so close by that we could actually meet for coffee. And we did. What Jody has to say about architects, architecture, and the value of a massive career setback is important reading. Please do it…and subscribe to his blog Coffee with [...]

Counting the seconds… 1

Some of us (many of us?) have attention issues. This can be a blessing for creatives: We are never stuck with one direction, one thought, or one solution. We are always looking for a better way, a different way, or just a more interesting way. Of course this is also a curse. Just ask my [...]

We ask our clients to change…what about us? 0

Scott Simpson has written a thoughtful essay on the future of the A/E/C industry for Design Intelligence.  We have a tremendous opportunity if we can accept and embrace the change that is coming. Add this to your must read before I go to bed tonight list. “(C)reative disruption in the teeth of a severe recession [...]

Start with WHY 0

Whether individuals or organizations, we follow those who lead not because we have to, but because we want to.