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Fungi, Red Cedars and Business Strategy 0

A visit to Glacier National Park is on my short list for travel to interesting places. As I am wont to do, I am studying maps, reading guidebooks, and looking up reviews of accommodations to get a feel for the place before we arrive. One source, a used copy of Exploring Glacier National Park by [...]

Are you still waiting to be picked? 1

I shudder to think about all the emotional energy I expended during those dreadful episodes of choosing sides for a baseball or football game after school. Never athletic and almost completely lacking in “the killer instinct” I was kryptonite for the unlucky team captain who got stuck with me. It didn’t take many years of [...]

The secret is there is no secret 1

                  Perhaps I’m the only person in the world that dreams there really is such a thing as an overnight success, that a rich uncle will leave me a fortune (I don’t have an uncle), that I will win the lottery (without entering it). That my checkbook [...]

The Wisdom of the Blue Crab 0

Why is promoting a professional service so challenging? For the same reasons that life is challenging. For any professional the process of developing new business involves a nearly infinite set of variables. What we do not and most likely cannot know about our prospects is mystifying, and possibly even stupefying. Even the most successful marketing [...]

If you had been Mitt, how would you have answered the question? 0

Yesterday Mitt Romney was so happy t0 have a question he felt qualified to answer (Is London ready for the Olympics?) that he forgot that we live and work in a community; in context. Not an easy thing to remember when we are uncomfortable in our own skin and grasping for something, anything to help [...]

Being sharp requires acting dull or, what they don’t teach you in design school 0

Have you ever noticed that the smarter and more experienced and productive we become, the greater our need to build and maintain the mundane structures and disciplines that support the creative and exciting work we do? After years of an ad-hock, “I’ll get around to it when I need to” approach to the “little things” [...]

Does this hurt? 0

  Years ago I had a persistent and annoying pain in my upper back. I mentioned it to my doctor, my Primary Care Physician, during a routine visit. What followed was a mind bending series of tests, including a brain scan with injected contrast, all to no avail. Finally my PCP, scratching his head, referred [...]

Writing like you believe it 0

Issac Sweeney is looking for a summer job as an adjunct professor at James Madison University. He has posted in wonderful cover letter in a piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education. If like me, you have read dozens of cover letters from prospective applicants, you probably agree that this one stands out. I would [...]

Leading…or it is managing? 0

I am intrigued by the ferocity of the leadership versus management debate in the popular business literature. It is both, of course. Steven Covey’s metaphor of the work crew building a road in the forest is useful: Someone has to climb up into the trees to see what’s ahead and determine the best path for [...]

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” Pogo 1

We creative types struggle with the paradoxical relationship between making art and running a business. And while we gain comfort from fictional characters like Howard Roark or books like Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow, most of us are unwilling or unable to accept the sacrifices and asceticism of Roark, or do [...]